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Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (radio 1930-1933)

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What's On Air (december 1930, p. 19)

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is an American radio show broadcasted between 20 october 1930 and 31 may 1933 on WEAF-NBC/NBC, starring Richard Gordon, Clive Brook (ep. 2-3), William Gillette (ep. 1) as Sherlock Holmes and Leigh Lovell as Dr. Watson. Written by Edith Meiser, presented by Joseph Bell and sponsored by George Washington Coffee.

The shows were broadcasted on:

  • mondays at 22h (season 1)
  • thursdays at 20h30 (season 2)
  • wednesdays at 21h30 (season 3)

Season 1

William Gillette (SH)

Clive Brook (SH)

Richard Gordon (SH)

Season 2

Season 3