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22 May 1859, Edinburgh M.D., Kt, KStJ, D.L., LL.D., Sportsman, Writer, Poet, Politician, Justicer, Spiritualist Crowborough, 7 July 1930

Conan Doyle on screen

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We have the chance to have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself in several silent and speaking movies. His works has been adapted on screen since his life time, and the total of adaptations is logically proportional to his huge amount of literary works. Most are Sherlock Holmes adaptations but some non-Sherlock Holmes stories like The Lost World or Rodney Stone have also been adapted since 1913.

A Life in Movies

Arthur Conan Doyle Home Movie Footages

On 19 november 2016, BFI has published a 16-minute silent movie from the Richard Lancelyn Green collection including 25 video clips showing Arthur Conan Doyle's life with family and friends in the 1920s. Here is the detailed list of the clips:

Arthur Conan Doyle Newsreels

See also Conan Doyle Speaking (1930 audio record)

Lady Jean Conan Doyle

Adrian Conan Doyle

Richard Doyle

Conan Doyle as a character

List of movies, TV movies, TV series episodes where the character of Arthur Conan Doyle appears.

Year Title Conan Doyle Perfomer Media
2018 The Final Problem Robert Dauney Short
2017 Götterdämmerung (Charité S01E05) The Downfall of the Gods Michael Pitthan TV
2016 Houdini & Doyle x10 Stephen Mangan TV
2016 Movie available Drunk History (UK) S02E08: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Bradley Walsh TV
2016 Movie available Drunk History (UK) S02E05: The Cottingley Fairies Bruce Mackinnon TV
2016 Movie available Mysteries at the Castle S03E02: Resurrecting Sherlock Luke Young TV
2015 Arthur & George Martin Clunes TV
2014 Movie available The Folklorist S01E09: The Cottingley Fairies Jack Burk Goldman TV
2014 Mysteries at the Museum S07E04: Doyle & Houdini ? TV
2014 Houdini David Calder TV
2014 Movie available Castle Secrets & Legends S01E03: Hound of the Baskervilles Merritt Matthew Chase TV
2014 The Scapegoat Jonathan Kydd (voice) TV
2013 Movie available Drunk History (US) S01E06: Detroit Alfred Molina TV
2013 Mr Selfridge 1.7 John Sessions TV
2013 Murdoch Mysteries S06E04: A Study in Sherlock Geraint Wyn Davies TV
2010 Muchachada Nui S04E07 Ernesto Sevilla TV
2008 Murdoch Mysteries S01E09: Belly Speaker Geraint Wyn Davies TV
2008 Murdoch Mysteries S01E04: Elementary, My Dear Murdoch Geraint Wyn Davies TV
2007 Die 4 Da S01E02: Funny Fundis Erwin Steinhauer TV
2007 Reichenbach Falls Richard Wilson TV
2005 The Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle Douglas Henshall TV
2004 Mark Twain's Greatest Adventure: It's a Matter of Time (never released) Ken Howard
2004 Finding Neverland Ian Hart
2003 Shanghai Knights Tom Fisher
2003 Sherlock Holmes: The True Story David Bronfman TV
2000 Воспоминания о Шерлоке Холмсе (The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes) x13 Aleksey Petrenko TV
2000-2001 Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes x5 Robin Laing, Charles Edwards TV
2000 Mentors S02E01: The Truth is in Here William B. Davis TV
1998 Houdini David Warner TV
1997 Photographing Fairies Edward Hardwicke
1997 Fairy Tale: A True Story Peter O'Toole
1996 The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century Ian Richardson's voice TV
1992 Movie available Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Link Paul Darrow TV
1992 The Other Side Frank Finlay TV
1987 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color S31E20: Young Harry Houdini Roy Dotrice
1985 The Stamp of Greatness S01E01: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes Iain Cuthbertson TV
1983 Voyagers! S01E20: Jack's Back Michael Ensign TV
1980 Square Mile of Murder S01E05-06: The Trials of Oscar Slater Simon Lack TV
1978 BBC2 Play of the Week S02E02: Fairies James Grout TV
1976 The Great Houdini Peter Cushing TV
1972 The Edwardians S01E04: Conan Doyle Nigel Davenport TV
1971 Touha Sherlocka Holmese Josef Patocka
1968 The Avengers S07E19: The Curious Case of the Countless Clues Peter Jones TV
1966 Conan Doyle und der Fall Edalji Paul Klinger TV
1956 Omnibus S05E10: The Fine Art of Murder Dennis Hoey TV
1956 Énigmes de l'histoire S01E03: Le Mystère de la Mary Celeste Gaston Rey TV
1937 Movie available Der Mann, Der Sherlock Holmes War Paul Bildt

Non-Sherlock Holmes stories

Year Title Original story Saga Perfomer Media
2018 Movie available The Ghost Purchaser Selecting a Ghost Ross K. Foad as Silas D'Odd Short
2015 The Parasite The Parasite Kevin Rothlisberger as Austin Gilroy Short
2005 King of the Lost World The Lost World Bruce Boxleitner
2001 The Fear S01E07: The Kiss of Blood The Case of Lady Sannox
2002 The Lost World x26 The Lost World TV
2001 The Lost World The Lost World Bob Hoskins TV
1999-2002 The Lost World x66 The Lost World Peter McCauley TV
1998 The Lost World The Lost World Patrick Bergin TV
1998 The Lost World The Lost World Armin Shimerman TV
1997 The Parasite The Parasite David Gaffney
1997 The Lost World: Jurassik Park The Lost World N/A
1992 The Lost World The Lost World John Rhys-Davies TV
1992 Куплю Привидение (Buy a Ghost) Selecting a Ghost TV
1990 Tales from the Darkside: The Movie Lot No. 249
1980 Movie available Маракотова бездна (The Maracot Deep) The Maracot Deep Vaclav Dvorzhetsky TV
1973 Great Mysteries S01E02: The Leather Funnel The Leather Funnel TV
1970 The Adventures of Gerard The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard Peter McEnery
1968 Late Night Horror S01E06: The Kiss of Blood The Case of Lady Sannox Diane Cilento TV
1967 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle x13

13 short stories

1960 The Lost World The Lost World Claude Rains
1958 The Firm of Girdlestone x6 The Firm of Girdlestone Andrew Cruickshank TV
1957 Le Quadrille des Diamants The Story of the Jew's Breast-Plate Bernard Musson TV
1954 Movie available How the Brigadier Won His Medals The Medal of Brigadier Gerard Claude Dauphin TV
1953 The Parasite The Parasite Andrew Osborn TV
1949 The Contest The Contest Tom Ewell TV
1949 Movie available Suspense S02E17: The Case of Lady Sannox The Case of Lady Sannox Stella Adler TV
1937 Затерянный Мир The Lost World N/A
1937 Waterloo A Straggler of '15 Wilfred Shine TV
1932 The Lost Special The Story of the Lost Special Frank Albertson
1932 Fires of Fate The Tragedy of the Korosko Lester Matthews
1927 The Fighting Eagle The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard Rod La Rocque
1925 Movie available The Lost World The Lost World Wallace Beery
1925 How It Happened How It Happened Sydney Seaward
1923 Fires of Fate The Tragedy of the Korosko Nigel Barrie
1921 The Croxley Master The Croxley Master Dick Webb
1921 Un drame sous Napoléon Uncle Bernac Fernande Cabanel
1920 Rodney Stone Rodney Stone Rex davis
1915 Brigadier Gerard The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard Lewis Waller
1916 The Firm of Girdlestone The Firm of Girdlestone Charles Rock
1913 The House of Temperley Rodney Stone Charles Maude

Sherlock Holmes stories

Sherlock Holmes is the character who has been the most adapted on screen and especially on cinema, and from the beginning of its invention. More than 160 cinema movies have been referenced. It's more than Dracula, Frankenstein, Napoleon or Jesus Christ. All this movies are not faithfull to the original Conan Doyle's stories and characters. Click on the titles to see detailed informations on each movie (casting, photos, posters...).

Sherlock Holmes as main character

In development


Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes (2015)
Igor Petrenko as Sherlock Holmes (2013)
Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Richard Roxburgh as Sherlock Holmes (2002)
Patrick Macnee as Sherlock Holmes (1993)
Christopher Lee as Sherlock Holmes
Vasily Livanov as Sherlock Holmes (1980s)
Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes

Silent movies

Sherlock Holmes parodies

Movies where the main character is a detective with Sherlock Holmes ressemblances in outfit or name.

X movies

  • 2015-2016 : Sherlock: a XXX parody (Danny D)
  • 1995 : Sherlock Homie (Sean Michaels as Sherlock Homie)
  • 1989 : Jack the Stripper (Mike Horner as inspector Neville Hollings)
  • 1976 : Sherlick Holmes (Harry Reems as Sherlick Holmes)
  • 1971 : The American Adventures of Surelick Holmes (Larry Chandler as Surelick Holmes)

Sherlock Holmes appearances

Aborted projects

Movies announced but never shot

  • 2018 : Sherlock Holmes versus Frankenstein (never released)
  • 2014 : Lords of Magic (Matt Butcher rumored)
  • 2010 : Sherlock Holmes (Sacha Baron Cohen) by Ethan Coen
  • 2010 : The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard (Steve Carell as Etienne Gerard)
  • 2009 : The Diamond Murderers (Simon Wilson) by Ashoke Viswanathan
  • 2005 : Sherlock's Secretary
  • 2003 : 221b Cause (Britney Spears)
  • 1976 : Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Golden Vampire (Keith McConnell)
  • 1976 : The Werewolf of the Baskervilles
  • 1976 : The Black Creature
  • 1976 : Tor-Men-Tor
  • 1974 : Murder(s) in Northumberland (Keith McConnell)
  • 1970s: Professor Challenger series. The Poison Belt (pilot written by John Hawkesworth but never realised)

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Miscellany adaptations

List of amateurs, Internet adaptations on screen.

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