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Le Cercle de Whitechapel

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Le Cercle de Whitechapel (2017)

Le Cercle de Whitechapel is a French play written by Julien Lefèvre and directed by Jean-Laurent Silvi, performed by the Renard Argenté company since 2 february 2017, starring Ludovic Laroche as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Comedy.

While a strange murders of prostitutes has just begun in Whitechapel, a prominent member of the London gentry, Sir Herbert Greville, decides to gather a team of new investigators to discover the truth. The group consists of a shy and timid novelist named Arthur Conan Doyle, a journalist who will soon become the greatest playwright of the Kingdom, George Bernard Shaw, the director of one of the most prestigious theaters in London, Bram Stoker, as well as one of the first female doctors of the time, Mary Lawson. Gathered in Whitechapel, in a former artist's studio rented for the occasion, they will discover during their discrete appointments the invisible threads that explain one of the greatest criminal enigmas in history.




  • Photos © Xavier Robert, L'instant d'un regard.


  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle : Ludovic Laroche
  • Bram Stoker : Jérôme Paquatte
  • Georges Bernard Shaw : Nicolas Saint-Georges
  • Mary Lawson : Stéphanie Bassibey
  • Sir Herbert Greville : Pierre-Arnaud Juin
  • Other roles : Franck Desmedt, Benoît Tachoires




  • 2 february 2017 : La Grande Scène du Chesnay (Le Chesnay, France)
  • 3 february 2017 : Salle Gérard-Philipe (Bonneuil-sur-Marne, France)
  • 15-17 february 2017 : Théâtre Le Baladin (Savièse, France)


  • 15 september 2017 : Théâtre de Douai (Douai, France)
  • 29 september 2017 : Théâtre de La Celle Saint-Cloud (La Celle Saint-Cloud, France)
  • 3 october 2017 : Théâtre Luxemboug de Meaux (Meaux, France)
  • 1 december 2017 : Théâtre Comoedia (Aubagne, France)
  • 3 december 2017 : Théâtre Jean Piat (Canet-en-Roussillon, France)
  • 5 december 2017 : Théâtre Municipal Armand (Salon-de-Provence, France)


  • 31 january - 15 april 2018 : Théâtre du Lucernaire (Paris, France)
  • 17 may 2018 : Théâtre Pierre Barouh (Les Herbiers, France)