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Sherlock Holmes (radio 1948-1949)

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Sherlock Holmes is an American radio show broadcasted between 12 september 1948 and 6 june 1949 on Mutual WOR, starring John Stanley & George Shelton as Sherlock Holmes and Ian Martin, Wendel Holmes (aka George Spelvin)as Dr. Watson. Produced by Basil Loughrane, directed by Basil Loughrane, written by Howard Merrill & Max Erhlich. Introduced by Cy Harrice and sponsored by Trimount Clothing Co. (Clipper Craft Clothes).

Wendel Holmes changed his name as George Spelvin to avoid the confusion with Sherlock Holmes.

The shows were broadcasted on sundays 19h-19h30 (from 12 september 1948 to 26 december 1948) and on mondays 20h30-21h (from 3 january 1949 to 6 june 1949).

Episode list

John Stanley (Holmes) & Ian Martin (Watson)

John Stanley (Holmes) & Wendel Holmes aka George Spelvin (Watson)

George Shelton (Holmes) & Wendel Holmes aka George Spelvin (Watson)